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How to Make a Duct Tape Band

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Update time : 2021-09-13 13:58:53

Have an emergency absence because a band? absence a manner ought fasten something ought something. Duct tape will conduct impartial about anything. Here is how ought pattern one that you can use with your photographic gear (no sticky edges).


1) obtain a piece of duct tape and also rip it at half and then fold it at half, lengthwise, or impartial fold it at half, lengthwise. It depends above how broad you expect your orchestra ought be. Wrap it about what you expect ought use it because and pattern it a minute larger.

2) fold it at half, lengthwise, and wrap a piece of duct tape about it ought fasten it and pattern it a intimate circle.

3) pattern sure that it is cabin fits where you absence it to, then accept another half strip of duct tape. Tape it ought the orchestra can an angle. begin wrapping it about the orchestra of duct tape. conduct this complete the manner around.

4) lay it above the object, similar above the strobe that you cry on here.
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