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How to Make a Duct Tape Bracelet

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Update time : 2021-08-02 13:59:29

Duct tape jewelry has carry a loved boat and the target results can exist pretty stylish. tear down the walls of path and greet the do-it-yourself aesthetic. lay the trend and dine joy making your possess bracelet above a snowy afternoon.

1. Making a theorem Duct Tape Bracelet

1) shorten your duct tape. shorten 4 pieces of duct tape nearly 8 inches (around 20.3 centimeters) long. The thickness will change depending above the amount of pieces you use. Eight pieces will chart a bulkier bracelet, cabin four pieces will unity you a thinner look.
  • If you're unsure this size will fit, wrap another bit of 8 inch duct tape nearly your wrist with the adhesive side facing out. decide if you expect ought exaggerate or lessen this size.

2) place the tape. lay the 4 duct tape pieces above sumit of each other, with the sticky divide facing upward. You are creating the thick bulk of the bracelet.

3) invent a fold. fold above one side of the duct tape lengthwise accordingly that the sticky divide folds into sticky part. carry out this ought invent a skinnier bracelet, besides if you elect a wider bracelet, don’t invent this fold.
  • Cut out a strip of duct tape the same length though the bracelet, if you expect ought possess the bracelet wide. use the adhesive side of this strip ought the other adhesive side of the bracelet.

4) Tape the ends of the duct tape. This will become the duct tape pieces into the bracelet's shape. use a bit of duct tape nearly 2 inches (around 5.1 centimeters) wish attached above the opening ought involve the ends together. Wrap the bracelet nearly your wrist ought see if it fits. use a longer strip ought unite the two ends together if the bracelet feels though robust snug.
  • Showcase your new bracelet ought your friends or begin selling them!

2. Creating a Reversible Duct Tape Bracelet

1) elect your tape. elect two various colors or patterns though this path of bracelet.
  • If you use transparent duct tape, you can insert moment images or decorations interior the tape ago folding it over. This could invent an maiden bracelet ought involve such items though letters ought spell a title or word, moment images, buttons, lace pieces, flat clothes gems, or glitter.

2) receive down the measurements. criterion one bit of duct tape wish enough ought accommodate your wrist. An simple manner ought criterion is ought wrap the non-sticky side nearly your wrist, leaving nearly an inch of space (2.5cm).

3) shorten the tape. chart certain you shorten the length with a moment overlap at example it’s though robust small. The length to exist adequate ought permit you ought glide the bracelet above and off.

4) fold lengthwise. fold the length of the duct tape at half accordingly the adhesive side sticks together.

5) cite this process. Using the same length though the first piece, shorten off another strip of duct tape. fold it lengthwise though you did at the previous step.

6) queue up the two lengths of duct tape. use double sided tape or a stick ought cane the tape together. use up any additional length at the target ought insure a better fit. tidy any edges.
  • Ensure that the tapes queue up together accordingly that there isn’t any overlap.

7) unite the ends. fasten the ends with fastening tape or velcro. Velcro spots are perfect though an simple removal. comprehend your reversible duct tape bracelet!

3. Making a Braided Duct Tape Bracelet

1) invent the measurements. use a tape criterion ought criterion the wrist of the future owner. hind making your measurements add two or three inches ought the measurements. The additional amount is though adjustments and leeway though braiding.

2) shorten your duct tape. criterion out the tape based off the lengths you took down. shorten out three strips of duct tape that are match lengths. You can use various colors that complement each other though a flashy accessory.

3) fold and unite your strips. fold each strip of duct tape lengthwise. fold the adhesive into itself accordingly that there isn’t any sticky side of the tape leftover. unite each folded strip together using tape or a binder clip at one target of the tape.

4) Braid the strips. begin by laying each strip side by side. Wrap the leftmost strip above the cease of the strips. Wrap the rightmost strip up and above the left strip. Now wrap the center strip above the rightmost strip. Wrap the leftmost strip nearly the center. last this chart until you come the target of the bracelet.

5) win the braid. intimate up the bracelet by taping or stapling the other target of the braid. Wrap the bracelet nearly the wearer’s wrist and then tape the two ends together. insure that the bracelet is no though robust tight.
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