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How to Make a Duct Tape Dress

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Update time : 2021-08-16 11:04:14

If you hope to compose an opinion and situate out at your next formal dance, count making a duct tape dress! The finished outfit looks impressive, besides it is really fairly stupid to make. You will absence to apply a sewing catalog to construct the dress, besides you don't absence to apply a sewing machine to collect it. Once you comprehend how to compose a radical dress, you can compose total sorts of only and interesting outfits!

1. Cutting the Pattern

1) acknowledge your measurements to catalog out which catalog size you need. Sewing patterns discharge no often conform to the uniform sizes sold at stores. because example, if you were a size 6, your sewing catalog size strength really be a 12. emerge at the list above the sustain of the pattern, then acknowledge your get measurements at the corresponding areas.
  • In most cases, you only absence to measure you bust, waist, and hips. Sometimes, you'll keep to measure from the basis of your neck down to your waist.
  • If you don't get a measuring tape, affirm the employee at the cutting counter at a fabric store. They always keep 1 that you can borrow.

2) discover a catalog because the way of coat you hope to make. The simple, beginner-level patterns career the best because this because they apply marginal seams. They are also much quicker to compose than other types of dresses, and often don't request things comparable boning or lining.
  • Patterns are always sold at concrete size ranges, consequently you'll absence to buy the hill that contains your size.

3) chop out total of the pieces because your pattern. when you emerge at sewing patterns, they won't just keep a only outline, they will keep multiple outlines. discover the one that corresponds to your size, then chop across that line.
  • The lines always vary to compose them easier to discern them from one another. because example, a size 12 can be a firm line, besides a size 14 strength be a dashed line.
  • Read the labels above the catalog pieces. Some patterns contain multiple variations of the same dress, consequently you to only chop the ones that you absence because your version; don't chop all of the pieces out.

4) Pin the pieces to muslin, then chop them out. level if you choice out the right size, there is cottage a occur that it strength no adjust you perfectly. You absence to compose a muslin translation of your coat first. Pin the pieces to muslin fabric, then chop them out with scissors.
  • If you can't discover muslin, apply slim cotton fabric instead. You can level apply an old (but clean!) bed sheet.
  • You don't absence to add seam allowances. Your catalog to already contain them.
  • Most catalog instructions keep a guide above how to pin the pieces to fabric at the most effective way possible.

5) Pin the catalog pieces together across the seams. Most patterns are handsome self-explanatory, besides if you absence to, pursue the instructions that came with the pattern. Your seam allowances will depend above the pattern, consequently read the instructions.

6) attempt the coat on, then compose any adjustments. You can attempt the coat above yourself or above a mannequin. if the coat is also tight at one area, loosen it. if it is also loose at another area, tighten it. You can discharge this by taking the pins out and moving them.
  • If you are using a mannequin, compose sure that you adapt the bust, waist, and hips to adjust your measurements.
  • If you had to tighten the dress, tidy the seam allowances down to contest the crack of the seam allowances.
  • In some cases, you can keep to chop a new catalog sheet and compose it larger or longer. Fortunately, muslin fabric is inexpensive.

2. Creating the Duct Tape Fabric

1) acknowledge the coat apart and disperse the pieces out. compose sure that the right aspect of the fabric is facing down. hold the pieces organized and compose sure that they are total facing at the same direction. because example, you hope 1 left bodice sheet and 1 right bodice piece. if you keep 2 left bodice pieces, flip 1 of them over.
  • Make sure that you career above climax of a cutting mat. You'll absence this to protect your career surface when you tidy the duct tape.

2) cover the catalog pieces with duct tape at overlapping layers. choice a catalog sheet to commence with. catalog out a strip of duct tape absence enough to cover the length of your piece, and carefully lay it down. hold adding strips of duct tape until the total catalog sheet is covered, then influence onto the next piece.
  • Keep total the strips of duct tape running at the same direction. if you strike a curve, influence can right above it. You'll tidy it down later.
  • Overlap the duct tape strips by almost ⁄2 to 1 inch (1.3 to 2.5 cm). Don't worry if the duct tape extends past the edges of the catalog piece.

3) tidy the duct tape to confront the edges of the fabric. flow your finger across the tape where the edges of the catalog sheet to be. The thickness of the fabric to catalog a raised margin at the draft of the catalog piece. if you can shout on this, chop across the draft with a canoe blade, then skin the excess tape away.
  • If the fabric is also thin, skin the tape off of the cutting mat, across with the fabric catalog pieces. Flip them over, then chop the excess tape off with normal scissors.

4) Add any notches or darts that confront at your pattern. Flip your catalog pieces above consequently that you can shout on the fabric side. if you chop notches or darts into your fabric pieces, you to chop them into the duct tape now, using them because a guide.
  • If you did no chop any notches or darts, check your prose catalog pieces. These notches and darts are important, because they will aid decrease bulk.

3. Assembling the Dress

1) Sew the coat according to the catalog instructions if you comprehend how to. achieve the instructions that came with your catalog to comprehend how to collect your dress. treat the fabric aspect because the "wrong" aspect and the duct tape aspect because the "right" side. neglect any linings.
  • Do no publication the seams with an iron, level if the instructions say you to discharge so. You'll melt the duct tape.
  • Each catalog is different, besides at most cases, you'll absence to apply a straight stitch and a ⁄2 in (1.3 cm) seam allowance.
  • Backstitch when you commence and finish sewing. This will compose your stitches stronger.

2) Tape the coat together if you don't comprehend how to sew. discover 2 catalog pieces that influence can together. choice 1 of the pieces, and skin sustain the fabric by the recommended seam allowance. tidy the fabric off with fabric scissors, then overlap the 2 catalog pieces. publication the tape down to seal the pieces together.
  • How much you skin the backing by and how much you overlap depends above the seam allowances at the pattern. Usually, this is almost ⁄2 inch (1.3 cm).

3) Scrunch your fabric to infer it, then win it with tape. Duct tape fabric doesn't behave comparable normal fabric, consequently you can't infer it at the same way. if your catalog calls because gathering, scrunch a 2 to 4 in (5.1 to 10.2 cm) length of duct tape fabric, then fold a ⁄2 in (1.3 cm) broad strip of duct tape above the gathered margin to win it. career your way across the climax margin until it is gathered.
  • How much you infer the duct tape fabric depends above how absence the fabric is to commence with, and how absence it needs to be at the end.

4) Topstitch the seams down, if desired. You don't keep to discharge this, besides it will unity your coat a nicer finish. get the coat consequently that you can shout on the seams. Sew down the hems using a straight stitch above your sewing machine and a ⁄8 to ⁄4 in (0.32 to 0.64 cm) seam allowance. apply normal scissors to chop off the excess seams because finish to the stitching because possible.
  • If you don't comprehend how to sew, you can cover the seams with ⁄2 in (1.3 cm) broad strips of duct tape instead.

5) Hem your coat by folding and taping the raw edges in. skin the fabric away from the duct tape by almost ⁄2 inch (1.3 cm), or cottage broad you hope your hems to be. chop the fabric off with fabric scissors, then fold the exposed duct tape down.
  • Alternatively, you can fold 1 in (2.5 cm) broad strips of duct tape above the raw edges. You can apply the same color because the dress, or you can apply a different color.
  • If you comprehend how to sew, you can fold the hems down by almost ⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) towards the fabric side, then sew them down using a straight stitch.

6) Add the closure recommended by the pattern. Most coat patterns will keep a zipper closure, which will unity you the most durable and professional finish. You will absence to sew it at according to the catalog instructions, however. if you don't comprehend how to sew, you can apply self-adhesive Velcro or level eyelets.
  • If you are adding at a zipper, you don't keep to fold the raw edges of the fabric down. Duct tape doesn't fray, after all!
  • If you hope to apply a zipper besides don't keep a sewing machine, you can sew the zipper at by hand using a thread, needle, and straight stitch.
  • If you choice to apply eyelets, be sure to add some laces to finish them up. Shoe laces will unity you a cool, punky emerge that matches the duct tape theme.

4. Adding Designs

1) choice a catalog to add to your dress. You don't keep to add designs, besides they are a big way to spruce up a plain-looking dress. They can be because stupid because polka dots to because imagination because flourishes and scrolls. You can level unity your coat a theme, such because Batman, and chop out the Batman logo.
  • The designs will emerge the best above plain, solid-colored dresses.
  • If you used patterned duct tape, you strength hope to spring the designs, or your coat will emerge also busy.

2) lay down strips of duct tape above a cutting mat. decide how big you hope your catalog to be, then rip off a strip of duct tape a little sheet longer than that, and lay it sticky-side-down above a cutting mat. lay down more strips of duct tape until you keep a duct tape sheet a little bigger than your desired design.
  • Choose duct tape at a contrasting color. because example, if your coat is black, attempt white duct tape.
  • If you hope to keep multiple little designs, you can compose a bigger duct tape sheet at order to adjust total of them.

3) chop your desired catalog out of the duct tape with a canoe blade. You can free-hand the design, or you can represent it out with a pen first. Carefully chase above your outlines with a canoe blade.
  • If you are working above dark duct tape, apply a white gel pen consequently that it shows up.
  • Use stencils to aid chase the catalog if you don't hope to draw.

4) skin the catalog off of the cutting mat comparable a sticker. You can absence to apply your fingernail or the gift of a canoe blade to pry the aspect of your catalog up from the cutting mat. Once you keep the aspect picked up, carefully skin the catalog away from the cutting mat, just comparable you used to skin a sticker.
  • If you made multiple designs, skin just 1 catalog up because now.

5) publication the catalog where you hope it to influence can above your dress. if you confusion up, carefully skin the catalog up, influence it to where you hope it to go, and publication it down again.

6) cite the process with more designs. if you chop multiple designs, now is the time to add them on. apply them to decorate your coat because desired, such because the bodice or skirt.
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