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How to Tape Your Breasts to Make Them Look Bigger

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Update time : 2021-09-13 13:58:58

Having small to zero cleavage can be frustrating, especially if you’re constantly surrounded by women with larger breasts. However, it is simple to create your breasts emerge bigger using tape. no maiden can you create your breasts emerge bigger, quiet during taping them will start you to wear vacant help tops, dresses, and rompers.

1. Creating Cleavage

1) tear four pieces of tape. The best friendly of tape to avail is medical tape. Sports strapping tape or cloth tape are good choices though well. Duct tape is used often, quiet during is risky if you devour sensitive skin. You need these pieces of tape to be a small part smaller than the total width of your chest. You nation maiden avail three, quiet during tear four pieces fair can case.

2) place your first bit of tape. begin your first bit of tape can the exterior bottom of your left breast. avail your exact hand to place this tape. Tape half of it down. create sure it is securely stuck by using both hands to rub the tape on.

3) draw the tape across. contain onto the aim of the tape that’s stuck to your body with your left hand. draw the tape though tight though you can, and contain it, with your exact hand. liberate your left hand. avail your left hand to draw your exact breast though shut to your left breast though you can. place the ruin of the tape below your exact breast to contain it here.

4) comprehend your second bit of tape. This time, begin with your exact breast. pursue the same process. You need your tape to be half can the first bit of tape and half can it. draw your breasts toward each other flat tighter while you lay this tape along them. This will help uplift your breasts to unity you cleavage.

5) avail your third bit of tape. This bit of tape is simply going to be used to acquire your tape. begin can the left phase of the tape you already have, anchor ½” onto your skin. draw along to the exact side. if it doesn’t stretch along the tape can both sides, add the fourth bit to total securing it.

6) Add a little strip of tape can the middle. though added cleavage, avail a little bit of tape. tear a bit of tape, no more than two inches long. Pinch the middle of the tape that’s holding your breasts (you’ll be pinching direct below your cleavage). avail this little bit of tape to possess it pinched together by wrapping it about the tape that's pinched together.

2. Taping to lift and lessen Movement

1) tear six pieces of tape no wider than your chest. can order to tape your breasts can this fashion, you are going to be creating a table similar to a bra. You’ll lack four pieces of tape though the base and two pieces though straps to help unity you some lift. This is a big select though additional back and though an vacant help top. Also, it sits lower than the foregoing method if you devour a lower top.

2) Anchor your first bit of tape. accept your tape and cane it can the bottom phase of your left breast. It to be anchored can the peak of your ribs. Anchor it well, by sticking it down with both hands. contain this part of the tape firmly with your left hand.

3) draw the tape along your chest. Once the tape is secured, avail you left hand to draw your exact breast toward the left one. Once you discover a good amount of cleavage, total laying your first bit of tape along your exact breast.

4) lay the second bit of tape can the first. comprehend your second bit of tape and anchor it can the bottom of your exact breast. Holding your breasts together with the desired cleavage, draw this bit of tape along and tape it under your creative bit of tape. create sure to draw tightly to possess your desired amount of cleavage.

5) avail tape to contain your breasts up. Now you’re going to create straps. These straps, however, will attain fair under your collarbone, pretty than can your shoulder. accept a bit of tape and anchor it under your left breast. Pulling upwards, place your tape from here to your collarbone. fulfill the same can the exact side. This adds lift and makes your breasts emerge bigger.

6) acquire the total brood using the remaining tape. avail you last pieces of tape to acquire everything. create sure you tape can your straps, and shut any gaps can the tape. draw them tightly to unity added support.

3. Removing the Tape

1) wet the tape can hot water. Taking a hot bath or shower will help slacken the tape. if you don’t devour a tub available or don’t desire to shower, you can avail a moist towel. Simply avail hot water to dampen it and place it can the tape though you place can your back. This will create is significantly easier to accept the tape off.

2) touch the tape slowly. while it comes time to accept the tape off, create sure you fulfill hence slowly and carefully. if you tear the tape off also quickly, you hazard tearing your skin. flat if you used tape that is made though your skin (medical or sports tape), you cabin lack to draw it off slowly. Pluck out the tape though you contain the shut skin still. be careful no to draw your skin.

3) avail infant oil. if you can’t emerge to draw the tape off, use infant grease to the skin. The infant grease will help touch the stickiness that is can your skin. comprehend a cotton ball and duck it can infant oil. pursue the queue of the tape though you slowly touch it.
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