Wholesale High-Tech Anti Counterfeit 3D Hologram Adhesive Stickers

1. Different patterns come out when watching from different angles.
2. Hologram produces true color like rainbow.
3. Various designs, shapes, color, sizes are all available to customize.
4. Environmentally friendly in material and printing ink.
5. Our
Wholesale High-Tech Anti Counterfeit 3D Hologram Adhesive Stickers

Transparent Hologram ID Card Lamination offer you a high level of protection for ID cards, badges and licenses at a moderate cost. Additional Information Hologram Security can be beautiful, Transparent Hologram Security Laminate proves. It offers your ID cards, badges and driver licenses an effective combination of security and attractive appearance.

Custom Holographic Origination Overlays:

An overlay with a custom origination of your company name/logo offers the most security for your ID cards. After creating a custom security-grade origination (dot matrix or 2D/3D) for your company/organization, the design is registered with the IHMA global registry. The overlay is constructed in one layer. The hologram is embossed on 25 micron, 50 micron and 100 micron thick special polyester film. After embossing, a permanent acrylic adhesive is applied over the hologram. The overlay is then die cut to size. Total thickness is 30 micron (20 micron polyester + 10 micron adhesive). This product is available in "peel & stick" stickers for easy application.

Transparent Hologram ID Card Overlay:

Clear ID Holograms (Hologram Overlays, Holographic ID Overlays, Clear Holograms) made for ID Cards protection against fake ID cards and cheap Identifications. Transparent ID holograms are indeed transparent holograms and do not abstract the image on ID cards and you can see its Hologram image. ID Holograms are specially sized for ID Cards (Identification Cards) and are pressure sensitive, self adhesive holograms. Just remove paper liner to activate adhesive and apply ID Holograms over your ID cards! Other Transparent Hologram Security Transparent Hologram Label Transparent Hologram Pouch Transparent Hologram Decal(sticker,sticker) for Mobile Screen


 Custom Print Hologram Security Warranty Void Label and Sticker


Anti-forgery label
Face stock thickness   25,50micron
Adhesive thickness  15±2 micron
back paper  80g ,120g,140g
Color  Red,blue,yellow,matte silver , etc
Hidden Message  CMYK, spot color, 
Tranfer Type Non-transfer,Partial transfer
Residue High residue
surface printing Offer
Width Max 540mm
Length Min 200m
Package Roll or sheet form

Security labels are made of polyester film and glassine release paper
The adhesive is acrylics pressure sensitive adhesive
Face material is 25,50 mircon polyester film
The back liner is 80g glassine release paper


The security label are used for protect your goods from tampering during transportation.
It can reveal the hidden message VOID after peeling off.

One time use, or the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, anti-thief, anti-juggle and anti-deny.

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